Reid Washbon Racing Products

Tubing Bends

Reid Washbon Racing Exhausts stocks an extensive inventory of 304 & 321 Stainless Steel,
Aluminum & Inconel Bends in a wide variety of wall thickness, bend degree and radius options. Most sizes are available for immediate shipment. Please call regarding sizes not listed, or any special bends to fit your specific requirements. Our in house tube bending department can fulfill your most exacting needs, be it a single custom bend, large runs or complicated multiple bend components. Please refer to our Straight Tubing list for your additional tubing needs. Ask about mill runs for tubing sizes otherwise unavailable.

304 Stainless tubing ASTM-A-269 is a welded & drawn non-magnetic stainless tube containing 18-20% chromium & 8-11% nickel. The tubing is fully annealed for good formability & bending. Coupled with its excellent heat & corrosion resisting qualities 304 tubing is the excellent choice for most exhaust applications.

321 Stainless tubing, MLT-T-6737 8806/8808, is similar to type 304 containing 17-20% chromium & 9-13% nickel. In addition Titanium is added giving a higher temperature service range than 304. 321 is the preferred choice for high heat & turbocharged applications.

Inconel 625 AMS5581 is a high temperature alloy tubing containing a minimum of 60% Nickel, 20% chromium & 8% molybdenum. This alloy exhibits high strength and a service range exceeding 1800 °F. Exhaust components fabricated from alloy 625 can be made with wall as light as .020 without sacrificing strength & durability even at elevated temperatures. This alloy is superior to 321 Stainless in high heat & turbocharged applications, and where low airflow, thermal wrapping or coatings are utilized. Where budgets permit this is a top of the line alloy to consider.

6061 Aluminum tubing is a versatile corrosive resistant alloy, which is easily bent, fabricated & welded.  6061 tubing is available in a wide range of sizes. These qualities make 6061 the ideal choice for intake, water, fuel & ducting lines or assemblies.  Our high quality aluminum tube bends begin as drawn seamless tubing annealed to the “O” condition to improve formability. Bending work hardens the aluminum and natural age hardening will continue to stiffen the tubing. Subsequent heat treating can raise the temperature to T-4 or T-6 if additional strength is desired.

For the fabricator Reid Washbon Racing stocks many difficult to find welding wire alloys, including high nickel stainless steels and Inconels. Please see a complete listing under fabrication supplies.